Agriculture is an art and we support the artist.

By providing farming solutions to every agricultural problem they face.

At Pandiya Agri, we are bestowed with the task of producing smart agriculture solutions to pamper and preserve the most basic need for mankind’s survival – agriculture. Our primary product includes a variety of crop nutrients that help strengthen the crop’s sustainability and yield – a variety of organic, in-organic and bio fertilizers.


We are aware of challenges, and risks that nature throws at your doorstep while you are on your guard,
protecting your crops and assets.

Unpredictable weather conditions such as heavy rain, hail and drought
and various other living pests can have a catastrophic impact on crops hampering the productivity and yield.

But, don’t you worry! This is why we are here to help you out, and we are proudly a favorite because:


We manufacture products that are pamper your crops and nourish your soil. We are your crops’ best friend and invariably your best friends too! And sticking to the bro code, we strive to cater you with products that are 100% genuine, effective and provide them with the right nutrients; supply with what is necessary for plant’s longevity, and an exemplar of trust. By the word, we strive.


and experience the world class working environment.

 At Pandiya, we are filled with the insatiable need to explore, to grow, to conquer, to constantly ideate, create and recreate nothing but the best. Does perfection keep you on your toes too? Are you interested in Agronomy Jobs? Then this might be the right place for you! Be a part of a team with the never-back-down attitude and share a hand in pampering the nature!!

 Agriculture Store

AGRONIO Fertilizers
Your crop’s best friend!

Coined from a combination of two words where Agro stands for agriculture and Nio means the gift of God (in Afrikaans); Agronio is a boon for plants. These fertilizers are manufactured from a new age formula that suits the crops that are grown nowadays, in an environment that is constantly prone to change in patterns. The effectiveness of the product makes it a true gift for the producers; a crop’s true friend.



Together let’s build a better agriculture sector. We are building the skills and capacity required to operate as the best agriculture supplies provider in India. Get in touch with us for queries, feedbacks, ideas and more. We would love to hear you out and make things better, anytime, every time!


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