5 Eyeliner Rules Most Women Break

Eyeliner can be one of the most powerful tools in a woman’s makeup bag, allowing you to highlight and define your pretty peepers. But if you don’t know how to use eyeliner correctly, you can do more damage than good. Check out these common eyeliner application mistakes and how to fix them.
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If I were a makeup cop, I would give out more citations for improper use of eyeliner than anything else. Meant to enhance the lash line, elongate your eye shape, and add definition, eyeliner gets out of control real damn quick. It’s a slippery slope that often starts in high school for many. Here are the main don’ts I see and the ways you can repent for your eyeliner sins.

Violation: Gap between your liner and eyelashes. If you can see your skin peeking through, you’re in the wrong.

I sentence you to wiggling your eyeliner directly into your lash line and even lifting your upper lid and tight lining underneath. Your lashes will look more lush and your liner will enhance, not distract.

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