The ultimate all-weather coat

Sweet Clothing is a small company that designs and produces the brand names Mia Melon and One Man Outerwear. We are starting to emerge and become a modern day outerwear company thanks to the help of Kickstarter, our backers and retailers. Our niche is multi-use weatherproof fashion outerwear. We are in a very capital intensive industry with a niche group of products that serves our customers very well. To keep the costs down for affordability reasons, we need to make hundreds at at time.

What Makes These WOOL Coats So Special

We hope that one day, one of these campaigns will not only support the project we are trying to finance, but maybe help finance the company so it can function more smoothly. This will help us emerge. Thank you in advance for taking a look at our latest campaign. I hope you are compelled to support it. For those that have backed previous campaigns, we thank you from the  bottom of our hearts, because you are the reason why we are in business and are starting to thrive.

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